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Our Learning




Summer terms: 


This half-term we will be exploring water via different investigations in our topic 'Splish Splash'. Children will be able to explore the Beach cafe in the Shine classroom, developing skills of creativity, imagination and role-play. There will be exciting themed provision to inspire engagement and  learning; this will include mermaids, pirates and looking at how water can change state as well as dissolving in liquid. 



We will be reading The Lightkeeper's Lunch, Night Pirates and stories with links to our PSHE topics. In addition to this, children will have a chance to enjoy a range of non-fiction titles in Guided Reading, at the library and within the classroom, (both indoors and out).



Children enjoy class talk which feeds into their writing. They are encouraged to mark make and try and write down words by segmenting the sounds then blending together. New targets have been stuck into their Home-School Diaries. Meeting their targets is rewarded and celebrated in class.

Children have developed their confidence to say a sentence  they have thought of; children are now writing their ideas down, with some using finger spaces and full-stops at the end. Thank you for your support with your child's reading and writing at home - it has such a huge impact. Please come and see one of the team for more information or to share fun ideas you have around reading and writing.



In numeracy we will be looking at a range of areas within Number and Space, Shape and Measures. There is now a strong focus upon counting to twenty and being able to say the number one less and one more. To develop this, we encourage children to count forwards and backwards, use number lines to become familiar with the order of numerals, and play number ordering games. We will work on using correct number formation when writing numerals, calculating differentiated addition and subtraction problems; doubling, halving and writing doubling number sentences. Your child's individual numeracy target is in their Home-School Diary. Please share with us any activities or ideas you try at home.




Please see a copy of our termly planning below.

Medium Term Plans

What can you do at home?


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Reading - please remember to write in our homework diaries so our teachers know we have read at home!  If I read twice a week I will get a sticker in the back on my book!  At the end of the term if I have read each week I will get to choose from the prize box and get a certificate!


Homework - if I get homework and complete it at home I will get another sticker in the back of my book! If I do my homework each week at the end of the term I will get a certificate!


Extra activities - If I have done something exciting outside of school I can bring in my certificates and awards to show my teacher and share it with the rest of the class!

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