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Autumn Two




We will be exploring a range of texts linked to our topics this half term. We will be looking at poetry and identifying patterns within poems, enjoying poems linked to Bonfire Night. The children will be able to write their own Bonfire Night poem using patterns they have identified from their reading. We will also be reading books linked to Remembrance day: Where the poppies now grow and The story of the first world war. The children will be developing their comprehension skills to answer questions about the texts as well as developing their understanding of why we remember. We will also be covering a Talk for Writing unit linked to the well-known stories: Harry and the Dinosaurs. The children will then use their knowledge of the story structures to innovate their own Harry and the Dinosaurs story. The children will also enjoy a range of Christmas stories including the famous Raymond Briggs, The Snowman and the Snowdog. They will then write their own Snowman adventure stories.






In our daily phonics teaching the children will continue to learn the spelling rules for adding suffixes to the ends of words. We will revisit the rules for adding ed/ing to verbs and adding s/es/ies to plural words. We will also learn how adjectives change when we add the er and est suffixes.





In our daily SPAG sessions we will be learning about contracted words and how to use an apostrophe to spell these. We will also revise punctuation: Capital letters, full stops, question marks and exclamation marks to ensure the children are using these consistently in their independent writing. We will also be learning about coordinating and subordinating conjunctions and how they can be used to extend sentences. We will also be learning about very tenses and how we use a consistent tense in our writing.