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Autumn Two




These are our characters from our reading scheme stories!

Before children take reading books home we encourage children to look at different kinds of stories and encourage them to:

  • Hold the book the correct way.
  • Turn the pages.
  • Say what is happening in each page
  • Listen to stories
  • Talk about the front cover, characters and setting of the story.
  • Distinguishing between words and pictures.
  • And loads more so if you have any questions them please ask a member of staff! smiley



Before children start to learn their sounds (s a t p i n) we start by learning to listen. We learn about:

Environmental sounds

Instrumental sounds

Body Percussion

Rhythm and rhyme


Voice Sounds

Oral blending and segmenting

We play fun games to help children to learn these. If you have any questions about how to do these at home them please ask a member of the team! smiley




Reading At Home


Once your child shows readiness for reading and knows at least 1 sound they will be given a Oxford Reading Scheme character game to play with you. They will begin to recognise and name the 6 characters  and then learn to read their names. If your child comes home with a reading pack please play the game little and often and remember to keep it in their book bag. They will also have a non worded book to tell their own stories to you and a set of key words to learn.

If you have any questions about this please see a member of staff.smiley