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Spring Four

We’ll enjoy the story of George’s Marvellous Medicine. The children will be writing for a variety of different purposes such as labels, lists and captions, recipes, poetry, stories and leaflets.

In our daily phonics teaching the children will continue to learn the spelling rules for adding suffixes to the ends of words using ed, ing, er, est, ness, ment, ful, less and ly. We will look at words ending in tion. We will also continue to ensure we are spelling the common exception words correctly in our writing.


In our daily SPAG sessions we will be learning about how to use punctuation consistently in our writing A.?!,’ We will be taking a more detailed look at how the apostrophe is uses for contracted words and for possession. We will also revisit coordinating and subordinating conjunctions and see how we can use these effectively in our sentences.


We will continue to learn the Jungle Joins which the children need to start applying every time they write. The children will start using some of the diagonal and horizontal strokes needed to join letters and understand which letters, when adjacent to one another, are best left unjoined.