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Spring Three

We will be exploring a range of texts linked to our topic, Toys!.




The children will be reading and responding to the book Traction Man by Mini Grey. The children will develop their own superhero characters to go on a special rescue mission. 



We will be comparing the Toy Story book to the film and using our imagination to think about what might happen if our own toys come to life! 



We will be enjoying the traditional tale, Beauty and the Beast and reading and writing our own play script versions of the story. 




We will also be researching and answering questions about Chinese New Year. We will then develop our own non-fiction texts based around this. 




In our daily phonics teaching the children will continue to learn the spelling rules for adding suffixes to the end of words. We will be looking at how er and est can be added to adjectives to change their meaning. We will also continue to learn the Year 2 common exception words.




In our daily SPAG sessions we will continue to explore a range of punctuation. We will recap how the apostrophe is used for contraction words but also how it is used for possession.  We will also be looking at homophones.