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Charging & Remissions

Please see the Willows Academy Trust Charging and Remissions Policy in the policy section on the Willows Academy Trust website for details of:

  • the activities or cases where our school will charge pupils' parents e.g. trips, visits, clubs
  • the circumstances where we will make an exception on a payment we would normally expect to receive under our charging policy  

Our current charges (Oct 2023) are:


Nursery Provision (top-ups)


Full week

15 hrs plus 2.5 sessions (30 hours)


4.5 day week 

15 hrs plus 2.0 sessions (27 hours)


4 day week

15 hrs plus 1.5 sessions (24 hours)


3.5 day week

15 hrs plus 1 session (21 hours)


3 day week

15 hrs plus 0.5 session (18hrs)



Nursery top-up charges and conditions are laid out in the School Nursery Top-Up leaflet. This is sent out to prospective parents/carers when they are offered a free 15-hour place. Parents are asked to sign the Top-Up contract agreeing to the terms and conditions stated and return to school to book their place.


Please note:  Lunch Club does not include the provision of food.  Children are required to bring their own packed lunch.


Invoices will be sent in advance on a half-termly basis. Failure to pay may result in legal action being taken to recover any monies due.



School Trips


Currently, parents are requested to pay a £14 contribution towards the cost of a school trip (or less if the total cost works out less than this per person).  Costings are worked out per trip.  Sometimes the cost may be subsidised by the school or the 'School Friends' group.  Sometimes we pay all or partial monies for pupils entitled to Pupil Premium.  Please contact us for details.


Please Note: 

Charges are correct at the time of publication but may be subject to change.  Please confirm all current charges with the school office.