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Welcome to Nursery! 


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Welcome to Sawley Nursery.  We are so pleased with how all our new children have settled into the routines of nursery.  Our older children have done a brilliant job of helping them find what they need and being a friendly face. 

We have lots of activities to keep the children busy learning throughout their session such as construction, play dough kitchen, malleable art, small world, role play, reading, investigation, maths, writing, sand, water, fine motor skills and so much more!

Outside activities provide the opportunity for children to explore their gross motor skills using bats and balls, bikes, balancing beams etc.  As well as this children can play with small world, construction, reading, writing, sand and water etc. 

Each week your child will have 5 sessions with their Keyworker: story, phonics, maths, library change and PSED. 


We have so much fun here at Sawley Nursery!! 


Supporting your child's mental health & well-being


General Information


  1. We have so much fun at nursery and can get a bit messy! Child are provided with aprons however they still manage to get some on their clothes.  It is therefore a good idea to keep best clothes at home and use older clothes for nursery. 
  2. Please remember to label all of their clothes.
  3. Please talk to any member of staff if you have any questions. 
  4. Please encourage children to find their own peg and name card at the start of their session.  
  5. Please read the newsletter for more information.  


Please bring a pair of wellies into nursery as we do go out in all weathers!  This will keep their school shoes nicer and our carpets in better condition.  smiley





Have a look at our newsletters.  Every child will be given a paper copy of these each term.  


Medium Term Plan


Our main topic this half term is 'Animals'.  

Take a look at or Medium term plan to see what activities we might be getting up to!

Medium Term Plans



Everyday your child will have snack time with a healthy option for snack with a drink of either milk or water.  On a Friday the children have a treat of toast and we ask for a contribution of £1 a term towards the toast.   If there are any special dietary requirements then please fill in a medical form and inform staff.



Homework Diary  



Keyworkers work very hard on these books and we ask that you take the time to look at them with your child to see what they have been doing at school.  You have a chance to fill them in as well to show us what your child does when they are not at school.  Please hand them in on the dates shown as this gives keyworkers time to have a look through them and fill them in for you to take home again.  smiley





These are our characters from our reading scheme stories!

Before children take reading books home we encourage children to look at different kinds of stories and encourage them to:

  • Hold the book the correct way.
  • Turn the pages.
  • Say what is happening in each page
  • Listen to stories 
  • Talk about the front cover, characters and setting of the story.  
  • Distinguishing between words and pictures.
  • And loads more so if you have any questions them please ask a member of staff! smiley



In numeracy, the children will be developing their early counting skills, number recognition and shapes in their environment. You can help your child by identifying shapes and numbers at home and practise counting with them. J

useful websites:

ict games 

cbeebies games 

top marks

bbc games





Before children start to learn their sounds (s a t p i n) we start by learning to listen.  We learn about:

Environmental sounds

Instrumental sounds 

Body Percussion 

Rhythm and rhyme 


Voice Sounds

Oral blending and segmenting 

We play fun games to help children to learn these.  If you have any questions about how to do these at home them please ask a member of the team! smiley