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Class Dojo

Your child's achievements are rewarded at school using smiley faces alongside the class dojo. The smiley are transferred to dojo and tallied up each week. The children then receive certificates for 25, 50 (Bronze), 75 (Silver), 100 (Gold), 150 (Diamond) and 200 (Platinum) as they reach these milestones.

Bug Club (Active Learn Primary)

Your child has their own log in for this website which is in the back of their home-school diary. The children can read additional books which are linked their their Phonic Phase and receive rewards for doing so. Class teacher's will monitor and allocate more books as and when necessary.

Phonics Play

This website supports the children's phonics development. We use it in school, regularly, to play fun games which encourage the children to blend sounds for reading and segment words for writing.



We use this website in school to support the variety of topics that we cover. It has many useful videos and games and supports the children's Technology skills such as using a mouse and a keyboard.


This website contains lots of educational games across a range of subjects.


Through this website you can search for a range of games for a variety of subjects. We use it mostly for Numeracy and particularly like the Gingerbread counting and the Caterpillar Ordering. It has games for money, number recognition, counting, addition and subtraction.

Doorway Online

This website is an interactive letter formation site. You can select certain letters and then the children can watch how they are formed before having a go themselves. Please note that the letter 'k' is not how we form it at school. It also has a 'spelling section'.