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Our Curriculum Offer

'REAL' Curriculum Offer: 

Our curriculum is:

How do we achieve this in school ?




We create meaningful contexts for learning that value the interests and experiences of our pupils and provide interesting and purposeful opportunities to engage, participate and contribute.



We want our children to have a zest for life and a love of learning.  We encourage creativity, curiosity, and exploration.  We plan activities that are fun, practical, exciting and sustain interest.



We are an inclusive school that tailors provision and enables access for all.  We provide personalised support and challenge to empower children to achieve their potential, aspire, achieve and thrive.



We ensure our curriculum is broad, balanced and progressive.  Deepening subject knowledge and developing specific skills whilst embedding core learning across the curriculum.

'REAL' Curriculum aims: 


We want our children to be:


Why do we want this?


…able to apply core skills with confidence in new situations and reason logically

So they can achieve success, feel confident in their abilities and access the next stage of learning in order to make the most of opportunities in their future


…confident, clear communicators who interact well with others

So they can express themselves clearly, build relationships, share their own opinions respectfully and are able to try new things


…positive about themselves, with good self-esteem and a broad-minded, open view of the world

Respectful Superhero

So they can reflect on their own needs and empathise with others. Show respect for views, beliefs, people and the environment and be of value to society


…knowledgeable across a range of subjects and familiar with experts and great achievers

So they can develop a deeper understanding and benefit from the confidence of a well-rounded bank of essential knowledge and experience appreciation of human creativity and achievement.


…resilient, brave and curious learners

Resilient Superhero

So they develop personal passions and interests,  tackle problems and find great solutions, accept challenges and do not feel limited in their future

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