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Activities which ‘hook’ children’s attention with memorable experiences, setting the scene and providing a relevant context for learning

Ask questions, explore, demonstrate curiosity, have new experiences, excitement, surprise and interest and explore senses

  • adventurous
  • curious
  • excited



Skill and knowledge development linked to the theme.  Acquisition of new skills, application of prior learning and core skills

Learn in different ways, be introduced to new information, ideas, skills or concepts, follow instructions, practice, consolidate and embed learning

  • hard working
  • purposeful
  • resilient



Imaginative scenarios for creative thinking. Exploration, investigation and risk taking. Opportunities for collaboration and problem solving.

Make and create, experience trial and error, have eureka moments, take part in practical activities which encourage participation, collaboration, reasoning and problem solving

  • imaginative
  • inventive
  • creative



Reflect on learning, share, celebrate learning and identify next steps.

Present, perform, demonstrate, publish, exhibit, make, sell, market, produce, guide, tour

  • confident
  • articulate
  • reflective

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