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Home Learning

If it is necessary for your child to learn from home due to long-term illness, suspension or any other valid reason where your child is capable of completing school work but is unable to attend school, we will make provision for Remote Learning.  

The home learning provision may include worksheets and external links to learning. You and your child will be contacted to discuss their remote learning needs and arrange for the provision of any work packs required and identify if any equipment is required to support their learning.  

Class DoJo is used as a primary source of contact between your child, yourself and the class teacher.

Supporting your child's mental health & well-being



Sawley Infant School - a song to make you smile

We recorded this from all the staff to all the children and families we were missing at school during the COVID-19 closure. We've kept here a bit longer to make you all smile!

Memories & Smiles -Staying at home 2020

Thank you for all your lovely photos, pictures and messages. We miss you and hope to see you soon !

Sawley Stars - A message from all the staff - 20 May 2020

This is "Sawley Stars" made by Marie Harral on Vimeo